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Manage Your Own Performance

In our teched-up and super busy world, where we are taught to outsource as much as we can, there are some things that we just need to keep to ourselves. One of those is our own “Performance Management”. When did it become the responsibility of other people to keep us...

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Collaboration is the Currency of Team Culture

A team is a powerful mechanism that allows people to work with others toward shared goals and objectives, bringing together the collective gifts and talents of every individual. This endeavour regularly breaks down when people prefer working alone or in silos, failing...

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The 4 Pillars of Teamwork

In a world where there is so much self induced isolation caused by constantly being glued to a smartphone and other device screens, conventional team building methods are struggling to provide the results we need. The volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity...

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Your 2016 Can Be an Anchor or an Engine

Speaking to a number of people this week, we were debating when protocol dictates that we let go of the greeting "Happy New Year". Most came up with the same conclusion as me and today is that day. Others say it's OK to keep saying it to people we haven't been in...

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Innovative Leadership Thrives on Curiosity

Innovation is a crucial competency that empowers the 21st century leader. These leaders are constantly seeking ways to improve things and challenging the way things are. They know what they are currently doing could soon be obsolete, so they have a back up strategy...

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