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Taking Your Performance to the Next Level

'Mediocre' - this a word that we use to describe average performance and creates conflict within our management team. Some people are just satisfied with routine and scheduled work. They wake up every morning, dress-up, commute to work, do their daily tasks, wrap up,...

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Reflect Realign Refresh – Let Go And Move Forward

No matter how long the flight, an airliner is only on track twice during the entire journey. Once before it pushes back from the departure gate and then again as it comes to a stop at the arrival gate of it's destination. The rest of the journey is filled with tweaks...

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Fear Is Universal and Knows No Borders

As I write this article I am sitting in an airport lounge in Malaysia after having the privilege to invest a few days into sharing my message with another diverse group of leaders of today and tomorrow. My heart is filled with gratitude for the calling I...

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Self Leadership Needs A Resurgence

Over the past couple of decades we have seen 'leadership' becoming a positional milestone loosely connected to a set of 'soft skills'. This has created many challenges for individuals and organisations alike including bullying, low engagement, conflict,...

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Gut Feelings Are Data Too

One of the attributes of a great leader is the ability to make great decisions. Psychology regards decision making as the cognitive process involving selecting a way forward from a pool of alternatives. Every decision making process produces a final choice...

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Self Worth is More Important than Net Worth

When I was fifteen I found out my mother had left me on a doorstep when I was a small baby and I chose to have a pity party for many years to come. As I write this I am on the Gold Coast in Australia getting ready to deliver a keynote to a room full of...

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