Online group leadership training and coaching programs for great technical lawyers who want to have more influence, income, and impact, without burning out.

The  P's of Leadership for Lawyers

To navigate your journey from being a great technical lawyer to becoming an exceptional leader is far more than learning how to manage others and get them to do what you want. There are certain competencies and characteristics that today's leaders must develop in these 3 key areas of leadership.

Personal Leadership

The core of all leadership is the ‚Äėperson‚Äô who is becoming the leader. The first step we take together is to identify and remove the roadblocks that will stop you from being effective at self-leadership and leading others.

Professional Leadership

Leaders require certain skills and business acumen that are not taught at law school. Once the platform of personal attributes is built, we install resources that give greater credibility and produce exceptional profit outcomes.

People Leadership

The most challenging and rewarding skills of a leader come from their ability to lead others. To inspire people to follow you towards a set of common goals, without all the stress and conflict. This program will show you how.

9 Crucial Shifts that Every Lawyer Needs to Make

The Lawyers Becoming Leaders program takes you on a journey of transformation from Lawyer to Leader.

Each module is a combination of information and implementation activities. This means that you make the incremental changes you need to have a long-term ROI.


Relevant competencies for today's busy

lawyers, attorneys, and in-house counsels.

We all know you are busy, so this program is not about taking up time just collecting more information, it's focused on implementation and transformation to give you fast wins and long-term results!

The program will provide the support and accountability you need to develop skills and behaviours directly related to practice performance. This helps you and your organisation to increase productivity and profit whilst still maintaining high levels of psychological safety and workplace wellness. 

Andrew Grima

"Working with Grant has definitely changed my life. He helped me become more aware of what I was thinking and doing to hold myself back. Grant's guidance has been the game changer for my career and has meant that I am now on the path of a better life balance being a husband, father, and lawyer. I now have clear boundaries and reduced stress levels."

Nevine Youssef

"I have found Grant very knowledgeable in his area of expertise. Grant has helped me to gain insights into my strengths and given me great strategies to help me work on my weaknesses. I have always found the training conducted by Grant to be very comprehensive, consistent, and informative. I have really benefited from working with him"

Graham Lancaster

"I have always found Grant's guidance to be invaluable, both in dealing with others in the workplace, and more importantly dealing with myself. He proved to be a great sounding board and second conscience. I have no hesitation in recommending him to other lawyers who would be interested in improving their decision making and performance."

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