Empowering Today's Leaders To Excel In A VUCA World. 

Command and control leadership is no longer effective. A leader needs to make certain shifts to overcome the challenges of today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous marketplace. Using the latest findings in neuroscience, positive psychology and social and emotional intelligence, I will show you how.



As an inspirational keynote speaker, Grant helps everyone to recognise and replace the mindsets and behaviours that are continually sabotaging their personal and career goals.


Grant loves to inspire 21st century leaders to change and then show them how to do so using the latest VUCA leadership and emotional intelligence training programs.


Grant will coach you through your surface story, into the real issues hidden below, so you can experience massive transformation in your professional and personal life.

Andrew Grima

Grant's program has definitely changed my life. He helped me become aware of what I was thinking and doing to hold myself back . I now have clear boundaries and reduced stress levels.

Nevine Youssef

Grant has certainly helped me to gain so much insight into my strengths and gave me great strategies and tools to help me to grow by incrementally working on my weaknesses.

Abbey Dehen

Grant's coaching really helped me overcome many challenges that were holding me back. I now have the self-confidence and knowledge to work through any challenge I'm faced with.

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