Engaging Corporate Trainer

Grant creates an environment where people make positive change in the room, not just get more information about the problem.

Experiential training promotes maximum engagement!


In-House Workshops

As an engaging workshop designer and trainer, Grant holds the attention of everyone in the room through his vulnerability and relatability, sharing stories from his own military and corporate leadership journeys. For his influence and leadership in his field globally, he was recently named 'Emotional Intelligence Speaker and Trainer of the Year'.

Leadership Programs

In his training and mentoring programs, Grant has a unique ability to educate and empower 21st century leaders to become who they need to be in our VUCA world. His vulnerability, as he takes you through his own journey of imperfection in his military and corporate careers, creates an experiential environment of empathy, trust, relatability and implementation.

Online Training

Grant is the perfect choice for your next virtual or blended training program. Having hundreds of hours experience training many thousands of people around the globe using online platforms, he is well equipped both technically and practically to keep your people engaged and willing to contribute in a way that creates massive action and change.

Andrew Grima

Grant's program has definitely changed my life. He helped me become aware of what I was thinking and doing to hold myself back . I now have clear boundaries and reduced stress levels.

Nevine Youssef

Grant has certainly helped me to gain so much insight into my strengths and gave me great strategies and tools to help me to grow by incrementally working on my weaknesses.

Abbey Dehen

Grant's coaching really helped me overcome many challenges that were holding me back. I now have the self-confidence and knowledge to work through any challenge I'm faced with.

Training Subjects Include...