Transformational Executive Coach and Mentor

Grant works with C-SuiteĀ executives and their teams to create massive change through incremental improvement.

EmpoweringĀ great technical managersĀ to be exceptional people leaders.


Personal Leadership

Grant takes you on a transformational journey where you embed the beliefs and behaviours you need to escape the performance trap, become more emotionally intelligent, and live your life with purpose and intentionality.

Professional Leadership

Using his expertise in behavioural neuroscience and positive psychology, alongside his own personal experience in all levels of leadership, Grant helps you to sustain higher levels of personal performance and productivity. 

People Leadership

Grant coaches you to become a more socially intelligent leader, reduce conflict and stress, build resilience, enjoy mutually rewarding relationships and inspire others to produce the outcomes you need.

Andrew Grima

Grant's program has definitely changed my life. He helped me become aware of what I was thinking and doing to hold myself back . I now have clear boundaries and reduced stress levels.

Nevine Youssef

Grant has certainly helped me to gain so much insight into my strengths and gave me great strategies and tools to help me to grow by incrementally working on my weaknesses.

Abbey Dehen

Grant's coaching really helped me overcome many challenges that were holding me back. I now have the self-confidence and knowledge to work through any challenge I'm faced with.

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