Free Online Leadership Training for Lawyers and other Legal Professionals in New Zealand. 

Discover the 9 crucial shifts that every lawyer needs to make to have more influence, income, and impact in their law career.

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"Leading Professional Services in a VUCA World"

The 9 crucial shifts every technical manager needs to make to become an exceptional leader in the current marketplace. Download your copy now!

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Today's leaders in law need to be taught to lead in today's world!

Leadership has changed and so today's leaders need to be taught how to lead in today's world. Outdated leadership practices create stress and conflict. Command and control and top-down leadership does not work and far too many leaders are experiencing undue stress and burnout.

Attraction and retention of great talent are getting even harder, so we all need to adjust what we are doing to engage and inspire ourselves and others to navigate the pace of change and uncertainty. In this session, you will learn what every leader needs to become to lead yourself and others well in this fast-paced, ever-changing marketplace.

This training will show you how to:

  • Increase Attraction and Retention
  • Maximise Firm Productivity
  • Exceed Billable Hours Targets
  • Improve Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Reduce Conflict, Stress, and Burnout

Key takeaways:​

  • A new definition of leadership for the VUCA age of AI
  • The 3 faces of professional services leadership
  • How to develop the 9 crucial shifts that will empower you in your personal, professional, and people leadership.
  • You will leave the training with an executable action plan that gives you the exact next steps to take in your leadership development.

Your Instructor - Grant Herbert

International Law Firm Mentor

Grant Herbert has 15 years of experience empowering lawyers worldwide to break free from the performance trap, learn from their experiences, and thrive in all areas of life. He specialises in replacing sabotaging mindsets and behaviours, ensuring tangible results and a high ROI. Grant’s authentic approach inspires change and guides individuals through their journey of self-discovery. Join Grant in this training to discover how to unlock your full potential and elevate your career.