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People expect to feel that what they are giving their time to, is fulfilling a higher purpose than the job at hand, if it is to satisfy them to the point of being engaged. As we all spend a large portion of our adult life working in some capacity, it is essential that it provides a sense of structure, belonging and identity.

As I look to my own example I see that my passion to make a difference in the lives of others, is fulfilled by engaging in an environment where my fire will not go out. Becoming aware of what does this for you, the leader, that is the prerequisite for being able to engage anyone else in your team.

I know I and many others have left well paying, safe and secure roles that have produced nothing more than financial reward. Everyone has an itch that needs to be scratched, the key is finding which itch to scratch and when.

The nature of the day to day work consistently energises the engaged person and brings a sense of achievement in three main areas:

Skills being utilised that we are good at and enjoy using,

Challenges that stimulate us in a positive manner, and

Meaning that is in line with our own interests, beliefs and value system.

When we meet these three elements with the people in our organisation, work is satisfying and less draining. The converse effect comes from situations such as a person being asked to collect debts from people in hardship or assuming that because someone is great with numbers that they enjoy working with them.

When people are doing what they love, they never “work”, they get rewarded to do what they love to do.

People engage in projects more that allow them to use skills they enjoy to use yet still challenge them enough not to cause apathy. The work is challenging enough without causing stress or anxiety. This is they key for the “Fulfillment” driver moving them into the engagement zone.

Regular communication before, during and sometimes after someone comes or goes from our team, is the only way we can facilitate an environment that brings out the best in people. Assisting people to reach a level of self-awareness where they know what gives them a sense of fulfillment is the first step. Armed with this information, a strategy based on encouragement and support, sometimes needing a redesign of the position they occupy, leaders feel empowered to not only attract and retain the right people, they engage them to produce a far greater outcome for themselves and the team.

Remember, engaged people produce more with less. A great leader will recognise the value in putting the effort in to engage them, simply because they first recognise the value of their people.

Have an outrageously fulfilling week. You deserve it!


Grant Herbert
The People Builder

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