"I'm just an ordinary guy, with an outstanding wife and 5 amazing kids, on his own personal and professional journey of imperfection"

Meet Grant Herbert

In the corporate boardroom, the business seminar or the conference venue, Grant inspires in everyone a desire to change and then shows them how to do so. His authentic yet powerful way, guides people through their surface story into the real issues hidden below.

As a international Keynote Speaker, Grant helps everyone to recognise the mindsets and behaviours that are sabotaging business and personal goals by sharing his own experience as a struggling leader in several defence and corporate senior leadership positions.

As a Corporate and Workplace Trainer, he creates an environment where people implement positive changes in the room, not just gather more information about the problem. He specialises in developing high performance leaders for the VUCA world.

As a Leadership Mentor and Executive Coach, Grant helps you to reduce stress and workplace conflict by increasing social and emotional intelligence and neuroleadership capabilities.

As the founder and CEO of People Builders, Grant trains coaches, consultants, corporate trainers, human resources and L & D professionals around the globe to provide the best outcomes possible for any individual or organisation.

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