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Attitudes are Contagious

Your attitude is one of the most important assets you have. It is one of the few things in life that each of us has total control over. We choose on a daily basis what attitudes we will adopt in our personal and business lives.

I believe you only get one shot at life, this is not a dress rehearsal, so why not enjoy it! Your attitude will determine the success of every endeavour as well as have an overwhelming effect on those around us.

Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching?

Studies have shown that people want to be around people with a good attitude. Have you ever had someone around you that had a bad attitude and after a while you started having negative thoughts and it brought you down. I know I have and I couldn’t wait to get away. I wonder how many people I do that to each week. Looking at this a better way though is to ask yourself how many people are drawn to me because I have a good attitude.

We carry in each of us the seeds of greatness required to be everything we are called to be. The choices we make as to where to plant those seeds and what to feed them, will have determine the size of the tree and the fruit it bears. As with every part of our growth, a great attitude needs to be cultivated every day, in every arena of our life.


As the man in our home, I set the tone of the attitude. If I wake up each day like a bear with a sore head, looking down on myself and the world, chances are so will everyone in my family. I cannot control every situation, good or bad, but I can control my attitude. My attitude in our home is the soil I provide for our marriage and kids to grow in.


Most business owners I work with would rather retain staff with great attitudes than great skills. You can train skills but it is a little harder to change other people’s attitudes. As a business owner myself, I can only influence the attitudes of my clients and those who work with me. If things are not going well in a situation, check your attitude!

Just as in the home, we set the tone in our workplace. If we want our staff to have a great attitude towards us, their colleagues and our customers…..model a great attitude.


A bad attitude is a repelling force that makes it very hard to keep healthy friendships. People will run away to a more enjoyable environment and you will wonder what happened. Oh sure, we all have friends who love us unconditionally and will put up with anything, but if we want to have healthy long term relationships we need to be someone fun to be around.

It begins with our thoughts

As we looked at last week, our thoughts and beliefs colour our vision and perception of the world. Thinking positive thoughts will produce a platform for choosing a positive attitude. Thoughts about self, others and situations will grow into ingrained attitudes when they are continually rehearsed and entertained. This is a positive as well as a negative fact. It takes the same amount of energy to have positive or negative thoughts but the outcomes produce a vastly different harvest.

Self Talk

The tongue is a creative force! We have a God given ability to speak situations into existence. If we are always down in our speech about ourselves, others and situations, then chances are we will have a negative attitude and produce negative results. Practice speaking good about things and watch what it produces. Our words become self fulfilling prophecy. Start every day with positive thoughts and positive communication and have positive outcomes. It really is that simple! If we jump out of bed proclaiming “Good morning God” rather than “Good god it’s morning”, we give our day a far better head start.

The art of cultivating a great attitude, in all areas of life, is crucial to living a life of perfect balance.

Is our attitude worth catching? Join me on this daily quest to spread the good news.

Have a great week, you deserve it!


Grant Herbert

The People Builder

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