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Be strong and of good courage

Leaders need courage to make the tough decisions they have to make every day. From time to time , good leadership requires excursions into uncharted waters, and draws on a leader’s courage; one of the most vital qualities they possess. Several weeks into our topic, you still may be wondering if you are a leader.

Leadership is not a title but more a set of qualities to grow into. I haven’t always stepped up when I have felt the fear but these days I recognise it for what it is and have a go anyway. Stick with me and lets take a look at how we overcome what it is that holds us back from accepting the call on our life.

“Courage is not the absence of fear, rather the judgment that something else is more important than the fear”

A leader must have courage, not just to overcome fear, but to stick with what they believe to be true, and to stand up and admit when they are wrong.

There are 4 kinds of courage that I believe are essential to great leadership:

– The courage to make hard, irrevocable decisions

– The courage to stand firm when things go against you, to stay the course no matter how tough the going gets

– The courage to deal with all situations in a timely, straightforward fashion

– The courage to admit when you are wrong and take it on the chin without shrinking back and throwing in the towel

I am sure, like me, you can think of a myriad of great leaders who display this kind of courage. What is it that drives them to overcome, to be strong and of good courage, to stare fear in the face and walk over it in faith? I cannot answer for everyone else, but for me it is keeping focused on the prize, staying true to myself, believing there are no failures just feedback and drawing on an internal strength that never lets me down. If I were to focus on my external situation, my talent and my shortcomings, my fear would overcome me.

What is it that is holding you back from being courageous, feeling the fear but doing it anyway. You were created with every seed of greatness required to be everything you are called to be. Come on, step up to the plate, swing the bat, dare to succeed, fight to win. You can do it, but first you must believe.

Modeling the positive qualities of great leaders, and adapting them to suit your environment, will help you become the leader you were born to be. I am just an ordinary guy with an outstanding wife and kids, created to win, empowered for victory. What’s your story?

Have an outrageously courageous week. You deserve it!


Grant Herbert
The People Builder

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