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Curiosity Builds the Leader

Intellectual curiosity, life long learning, seeking knowledge and new information is a universal process and is central to successful leadership. Every change in your life comes as a result of the input of new information. Coming face to face with a new idea or concept sends your life in a new direction, no matter how small that adjustment may seem.

Leaders are continually exposing themselves to the greatest quality of new information. From this diamond mine of information they come up with gems of ideas that enable them to stay ahead of the status quo. If a leaders does not expose themselves to a wealth of ideas, it is unlikely that they will discover the necessary innovation we talked about last week.

What books are you currently reading? Are they challenging you and making you grow? Do they inspire you to think about where you are heading?

What do you listen to each day? Is it uplifting and positive? Is it new information from people who have gone where you want to go?

What are you watching?
 Are the images it imprints in your subconscious helpful or detrimental to you moving forward?

Have an outstanding week filled with new and exciting information. You deserve it!


Grant Herbert
The People Builder

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