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Dad I’m Watching You

I have the privilege of speaking to men, one on one and in groups, encouraging them with empowering information on issues we face being a man.

One of the biggest issues I have chosen to address is the area of fatherhood.

If you are a dad, you have a dad, you know people who are dads or there is a chance that one day you will be a dad, you need support in this vital element of our society today. It saddens me that to drive a car in the state I live, you need to do 100 hours documented driver training as well as pass a theory and practical test before you can go it alone behind the wheel. In contrast to that, all a man needs to do is have an intimate relationship with a member of the opposite sex and he can be a dad. I ask myself, what is more important, driving a car or fathering a generation?

Kids all over the planet, no matter the race or culture, are being taught how to live by their dad. The challenge we face in society is two fold.

1. What are dads teaching?

2. Who is teaching the kids who don’t have a dad in their everyday life?

There are staggering statistics in our country which show hundreds of thousands of kids who will go to bed tonight in a home that doesn’t include their biological dad. There is no substitute for a dad, just as there is no substitute for a mum. Their roles are very different and we ought not expect them to do each other’s part in raising their kids. For a child to have the best chance of growing up with a healthy identity, secure in their own abilities, they need both parents in their day to day lives.

I remember the day I brought each of my 5 outstanding children home from hospital. I was scared stiff. Who was going to help me, who was going to teach me?

All men need support, teaching, encouragement and even correction to become the dad our kids need us to be.

Some men spend more time at work than they do with their kids, not because they love work more, they feel more equipped to do what they do at work than they do in being a father.

The good news is there is help available. You need not go it alone.

If you are a dad or you just want to be plugged into some good coaching and encouragement, not ridicule and judgement, drop me a line and I will connect with you.

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