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Diffusing the destructive power of kryptonite

Even the otherwise indestructible Superman is rendered powerless when he drops his guard and comes in contact with Kryptonite. This shiny green radioactive ore was formed as his home planet imploded from neglect and overuse of it’s natural resources and is the go to choice for anyone wanting to take him down.

What many of my fellow Man of Steel fans may not know is that there are many different types, forms and colours of kryptonite and each of them have a different effect on Superman when he comes in contact with them.

Red kryptonite weakens Superman even more than the regular old green version we’ve seen in the comic strips and can even cause mood swings and mutations. Another splits him into the two entities of good and evil.

As we all go through our own individual journey, we too are exposed many different to situations and circumstances that we allow to drain our energy and erode our personal power. These are our own personal kryptonites.

Here are a few versions of kryptonite I encounter every week with the people I help.

Performing to gain the approval of others

Most of us care way too much what other people think about us and this form of kryptonite erodes your true identity and makes you question your worth and ability to belong.

Continually comparing themselves to others

Comparison creates self-doubt and discouragement that can lead to paralysis, stopping you from continuing in your destiny.

Lacking emotional self awareness and control

A lack of emotional intelligence produces poor behavioural self control which saps your energy and damages relationships.

Being continually plugged in and poor sleep hygiene

Living on the edge in a fast paced world, we seem to embrace unhealthy lifestyle habits and endure chronic stress levels which can lead to serious health issues.

These are just a few versions of the real world kryptonites we expose ourselves to every day. Just like Superman, they can steal our energy and leave us feeling powerless. Long term exposure to them can cause us to display our dark side and even damage the relationships we have with the people closest to us that we desire to love and protect.

The first step in taking back control is to recognise the destructive power of our own personal kryptonites and to be on guard so we can remove them from our environment. Self awareness is your greatest ally in the fight for personal freedom.

So let's get you started on this journey of empowerment right now.

What versions of kryptonite are you exposing yourself to that are eroding your identity and sapping your personal power?

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