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Do your leaders lead with Integrity?

Leaders act with integrity. They deal with issues straight on, saying “This is the way it will be,” and then do it that way. Employees and other followers sometimes get upset when their boss or leader commit to doing something and then don’t follow through. You probably feel the same way when it happens to you.

There is, I believe, a profound need for justice in the workplace, business, the Church and in government and, in order to submit to their leaders wholeheartedly, followers have to believe absolutely in the integrity of what those leaders say.

The key to integrity is to ask yourself every time you make a decision; “Would I be proud to have this as public knowledge for the rest of my career?” If you make every single decision as though it was going to be aired on the six o’clock news and on the front page of every newspaper in the country, you will be willing to stand tall behind it.

This character of leadership is not restricted to the workplace. As a husband and father, a brother and a friend, it is my responsibility to act in a manner worthy of the leadership mantle I bear.

I have really enjoyed writing this series for you, and for me, as it has reminded me of where I am doing well and where I am still growing. Next week we start a series on overcoming fear; one of the main boundaries in releasing our full potential. If you know that some of your friends and family could use some encouragement in this area, send them this link and suggest they subscribe so they can become a part of our journey of learning together.

Have the best week possible. You deserve it!

Grant Herbert
The People Builder

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