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Face your Fears

Fear is undoubtedly one of the strongest and most influential emotional responses we have, and it can act as both a protective and destructive force depending on the situation.

Obviously, fear can help us avoid dangerous situations, triggering the “fight or flight” response when we feel threatened. Unfortunately, this same response can also be triggered when no real threat exists. We simply find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and anxious even when we know logically that no harm will come to us.

For many of us, fear can become a serious hindrance in our lives, preventing us from getting a better job, meeting eligible life partners, seeking medical care, or even venturing outside our homes in severe cases.

Fear is one of the most common reasons that people hold back on living the life they were created to live.

Even if they intensely want to create better circumstances, they may struggle with an overwhelming fear of failure, so they refuse to take risks because they may have to endure unpleasant outcomes. In these cases the risk of failure seems to outweigh the benefits of success, so they hold back and do nothing.

Fear of success can be a powerful hindrance as well, making people feel stressed and overwhelmed with the added responsibilities that would probably come with greater success. They may fear not being able to handle those responsibilities, or worry that they’d feel pressured to keep attaining the same level of success in the future. These fears are often enough to cause people to sabotage their own efforts, even when they sincerely want to become more successful.

Either way, fear is strong enough to paralyze most of us – whether the things we fear are real or imagined.

In my life, I have allowed many fears to hold me back from bringing out my personal best. Over the coming months, I would love to take as many people as possible on a journey of awareness and overcoming. The response I have had from some mini blogging has inspired me to write a book, start a new website and develop some tools that will help people all over the world transform their lives by renewing their minds and giving them hope for a brighter future. If you would like to come along (or have a friend who you would like to come along) leave me a reply or subscribe on the link below.


Have a fantastc week, free from fear. You deserve it!


Grant Herbert
The People Builder

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