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For what Purpose?

To feel truly engaged in what they are doing, people need to have a sense that their role has real purpose beyond simply making a living and generating profits for the organisation they represent. An inspirational leader helps to reframe the work they do, creating a higher purpose and meaning for them.

The good news is, creating purpose and meaning has little or no extra cost associated with it. It just requires a little extra thinking and planning time. The return on that minimal investment will have a huge positive impact on the success of your people engagement.

No matter what we do, it has a purpose. The key lies in satisfying our inherent need to know what it is!

Purpose ensures work has true meaning, beyond the work itself or the time it takes away from our lives. Chunking up to a bigger picture creates a higher value and perceived reward for effort. One bricklayer may say “I slap bricks together with mortar all day” and another says “I build hospitals and schools for local communities.” A financial adviser helps others fulfill their dreams whilst a teacher contributes towards the educational excellence of our future generations. A fashion designer makes people feel like a million dollars and a funeral director makes a difficult time less stressful and more manageable for families.

Any organisation can achieve an extraordinary level of people engagement when they make clear the overall purpose the organisation has and the contributory role it plays in society. Step 2 helps each individual understand the value and purpose of particular role they play. In the work environment, 93% of engaged employees feel that the business has a purpose beyond making profits.

Creating your bigger picture

Why not take a moment right now to stop and think about the true purpose of your organisation and in turn the role you play! Have the courage to ask yourself the question….”For what Purpose?”

For me, I help people overcome the things in their life that are holding them back from bringing out their personal best. I help fathers enjoy more time with their kids, husbands and wives build balanced lives together. That line of thinking serves me far better than limiting me myself to the label of an Executive Leadership Coach. The latter sounds important but doesn’t fuel my passion as the former things do.

Have an outrageously amazing week serving your purpose in a passionate and engaging way. You deserve it!


Grant Herbert
The People Builder

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