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How you can pay yourself more in Professional Services and have the time and energy to enjoy it

Enough is enough! Far too many professional services practitioners burnout or go broke. It’s not fair. They work hard to get their practice established.

So what’s stopping you from having the results you want in your practice?
You look really successful but your income goes up and down and you’re always working too hard to please your clients and your team.

Well it doesn’t have to be that way…

It’s not your fault. The system didn’t teach you everything you need. At university you were equipped to be a brilliant technician, but that’s not enough. Let me show you 3 Strategic Shifts you can learn so you can make more income, more impact and have a greater influence in your practice.

Shift 1: Process Focus to People Leadership

As masterful technicians in our field, we tend to focus on the process of getting the work done, rather than the people doing it. Managing refers to process but leadership is what your clients and team need so they can produce the results you want without all the stress an conflict.

Shift 2: Selling 1:1 to Authority Marketing

Average practices are continually chasing after that next client. Move away from selling one at a time and start choosing only the best fit clients who are easy to deal with. Becoming a thought leader in your field ensures you have potential clients knocking at your door to see if they qualify to work with you.

Shift 3: Swapping Time for Money to Leveraged Delivery

In the daily grind of swapping many hours for dollars, our income is severely limited by the amount of work we can personally do in a day. Instead of doing the DO to achieve results, it’s time to get more done in less time by going THROUGH.

To find out how you can make these changes in your practice, download my free Ebook “3 Strategic Shifts for Professional Services Practices”

Have a great week…you deserve it!

Cheers Grant

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