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Innovative Leaders Challenge the Status Quo

Innovation is another quality of a great leader, who is constantly seeking ways to improve things, always challenging the way things are. They know they are currently doing could soon be obsolete, so they have a back up strategy ready to go, just in case. There is but one constant, some would say, that you can be assured of, and that is CHANGE. The five best products and services around the world 3 years from now have not even been invented yet.

What does the issue of change mean, to you as a leader, and to your organisation?

If, while you are managing the present for results, you are not also keeping an eye on where you are going, you can head into trouble.

Innovation is simply a commitment to continuous improvement. With this commitment, your breakthrough ideas will inevitably come.

Think of one task central to the responsibility you have in your current role. Describe the process, either mental or physical, you use to complete this task. How is this process different to how it was six months or a year ago? What changes or adjustments could you make to this process in the future?

Change for change sake is mostly unproductive. Change for continuous improvement is vital in your personal leadership and in leading others!

Have a great week filled with innovative change. You deserve it!


Grant Herbert
The People Builder

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