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Innovative Leadership Thrives on Curiosity

Innovation is a crucial competency that empowers the 21st century leader.

These leaders are constantly seeking ways to improve things and challenging the way things are. They know what they are currently doing could soon be obsolete, so they have a back up strategy ready to go, just in case. There is but one constant that you can be assured of, and that is CHANGE. The five best products and services around the world 3 years from now have not even been invented yet.

What does the issue of change mean, to you as a leader, and to your organisation?

If, while you are managing the present for results, you are not also keeping an eye on where you are going, you can head into trouble.

Innovation is simply a commitment to continuous improvement and with this commitment your breakthrough ideas will inevitably come.

Think of one task central to the responsibility you have in your current role. Describe the process, either mental or physical, that you use to complete this task. How is this process different to how it was six months or a year ago? What changes or adjustments could you make to this process in the future?

Change for change sake is mostly unproductive. Change for continuous improvement is vital in your personal leadership and in your leadership of others.

Innovative Leadership Thrives on Curiosity.

Intellectual curiosity, life long learning, seeking knowledge and new information is a universal process and is central to successful leadership. Every change in your life comes as a result of the input of new information. Coming face to face with a new idea or concept sends your life in a new direction, no matter how small that adjustment may seem.

Innovative leaders are continually exposing themselves to the greatest quality of new information. From this diamond mine of information they come up with gems of ideas that enable them to stay ahead of the status quo. If a leaders does not expose themselves to a wealth of ideas, it is unlikely that they will discover the necessary innovative solutions and ideas they need to move forward and thrive in the ever changing environment.

One of the most innovative leaders in modern times, Walt Disney said “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

Where does your current level of curiosity take you?

What books are you currently reading? Are they challenging you and making you grow? Do they inspire you to think about where you are heading?

What do you listen to each day? Is it uplifting and positive? Is it new information from people who have gone where you want to go?

What are you watching? Are the images it imprints in your subconscious helpful or detrimental to you moving forward?

Curiosity are just one of the 4 pillars of the i4 Neuroleader Model that sits within the competency of Innovation alongside imagination, drive and attitude.

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