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Purpose – The gift of YOUR unique calling

Our career and our calling are often on two separate tracks. Perhaps you find yourself earning an income, yet disengaged from your true purpose and passion. It doesn’t have to be that way! Integrate your career and your calling by finding your “sweet spot” – combining what you love to do with what you do well.

God created you to serve a purpose and then gave you a unique set of gifts to fulfill that purpose. When you discover your gifts and put them to work in service to others, your work will be transfused with a fresh sense of purpose and passion. This passion leads to a successful career and a life of significance.

You may be thinking, “This sounds great (in theory), but in this tough economy, how do I do what I love when I just need to earn a decent living?”

Abilities – The abilities you love to use. These are the natural strengths and competencies you employ to accomplish the results you want (i.e., study, experiment, analyze, persuade, strategize, teach, etc.).

Subject Matter -The things you love to work with; the objects or subject areas to which you’re naturally drawn and in which you achieve your most productive and fulfilling achievements (i.e., numbers, concepts, people, tools, machines, color, etc.).

Circumstances – The ideal environment; situations or settings that stimulate you to achieve. These are the ideal conditions in which you function (i.e., structured, visible, competitive circumstances, etc.) and the factors that “trigger” your motivation (i.e., needs, problems, potential for measurable results, etc.).

Operating Relationships – the way you interact with others in order to accomplish meaningful results (i.e., team member, individualist, spark plug, facilitator, coordinator, etc.).

Payoff – the outcome or goal you love to work toward in order to feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction (i.e., excel, overcome, meet requirements, gain response, acquire goods and status, pioneer, etc.).

When you discover YOUR unique God-given design and calling and employ your gifts in your work, you’ll experience genuine joy and satisfaction. Remember, you are what you pursue. Don’t limit your potential by simply pursuing the next pay packet. Rather pursue your God-given potential and serve something greater.


Grant Herbert

The People Builder

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