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Putting More Horsepower into Goal Setting

Are you tired of setting goals only to feel powerless to reach them? Do you get distracted by “stuff” along the way and find your goals become a distant memory?

Recently I had the privilege to go to Adelaide with one of my business coaching clients to pick up his shiny red Ferrari 360 Spyder and drive it back to Sydney in a 14 hour road trip. The smile on his face when he picked me up at the airport said he was so thrilled to have set the goal for his car in a goal setting workshop I ran just over a year before.

Now I know that not everyone wants a new Ferrari, however whatever you insert in it’s place, let us take a look at the reasons why he was able to set a 12 month goal and achieve it.


Where he was going was written down and he marked the date he would get there. Most people do not turn their dreams into reality simply because they wont commit to it by taking it from their head and heart and putting it down on paper.”One day I will own a Ferrari” became “On this date I will own a Ferrari and this is how I will make it happen”.


By having a road map in place, that could be measured along the way at checkpoints, my client was able to remain focused on what milestone needed to be reached each day, in small manageable trips. The dream was big enough that when distractions and circumstances came his way, he kept his eye on the road ahead, determined to reach his original destination.


Once he had decided where he was going, which route he would take and when he would get there, he told some other people and thereby made himself accountable. The key with this one is to tell only those who want to see you reach your goal, not those who want to bring you back to “reality” and mediocrity. The other thing he did was get a mentor who encouraged him, teaching him what skills he hadn’t yet mastered, coaching him through any limiting beliefs that would drain his energy and keep him comfortable.


The main thing that made him reach his goal were the miles he drove. He did the work, with consistency, until the job was done. The key ingredient we left out in those times when we have not reached our goal is ACTION. Decide what you want, decide the price you need to pay, see if it lines up with your priorities and if it does…..take massive action.


I was so honoured to be able to celebrate the victory with him by sharing the driving on a 2 day road trip in that shiny red Ferrari. Whenever we reach a goal, no matter how small, celebrate it. The other key is to have some new goals set beyond that one so you do not feel empty and unchallenged at the checkered flag.

As you read this post, I hope you have inserted something you want to achieve in place of the red Ferrari. Commit it to paper, stay focused, be accountable and take massive action.

Have an amazing month, setting and achieving your goals… deserve it!

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Grant Herbert – The People Builder

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