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Repurposing Your Past Experiences

Have you ever wished you could get back the lost time and energy from all those hard times or when you experienced failure in any area of your life? Starting over and shifting direction to achieve the results you want can be frustrating and downright tiresome. From my personal journey of imperfection I know this too well so I know how you feel.

When you muster up the courage to have yet another go, your inner voice reminds you of the last time you attempted something like this and helps you to shrink back under the glass ceiling you have created over the years. You wonder why others can make it happen and why you can't. "What's wrong with me, why does it always turn out this way?"

It's called 'self doubt' and it's caused by your current relationship with failure. Remember failing doesn't have to mean 'failure'. The first is about missing the mark and the later is the meaning you placed on that event. Just because you failed, it doesn't make you a failure.

Well here's the good news, it no longer has to be that way for you. You can use your past experiences to fast-track your future results and I want to show you how. Come on, join me in this journey. I'm so glad I have implemented what I'm about to teach you. It has literally changed my life.

With the right mindset shifts, and a powerful 1 page tool, you can extract the gold you need from the past and present to pave the way forward in every area of your life. Let's get started.


It's like doing an audit of the contents of your house that has accumulated over many years. Some things have been handed down to you from generations past and some you have bought yourself. Some things have special meaning and remind you of people, places and experiences. This can induce hoarding, holding on to things that you just don't need anymore for fear of what giving them up may produce.

This is what we do with our beliefs and experiences as well. We inherit some and we create others. Step 1 is to make a list of everything that we are holding onto from our past and get clear on what we have made them mean. Are they one of the past experiences that always come to mind when embarking on something new? What feelings do they create when we relive them?


Once we have competed the audit, we need to decide what to do with what we have accumulated. Some things will need to be trashed and others can be repurposed. Just like an old antique furniture piece that is collecting dust and taking up space could put be to better use, so too can your past experiences be repurposed. A dresser can be stripped back and renewed with a nice coat of paint and some new handles, making it relevant for today. You have the power to give it new life. You can also do this with the content of your past.

Step 2 starts with letting go of the beliefs that are outdated and ineffective. No need for a garage sale, just throw them out. Every time we go to clean out our garage at home it takes twice as long as we intended. This is because we inevitably come across things that remind us of the past and induce emotions that can make it difficult to let go. I might throw something out to later find my wife has 'saved' it from the scrap pile and put it back where it was. This can also happen when we involve others who are close to us in repurposing our experiences so be ruthless. If it hasn't been used in a positive way and moved you forward, chuck it out fast. During this process you can also discover what you learned from those times in the past when you didn't get the results you expected.


That old dresser now looks awesome in it's new form. The new style and colour fits perfectly with today's decor and it has become useful again.

Step 3 is to redeploy the learnings and new beliefs into the goals and projects you are working on today, tomorrow and beyond. Now that they have had a makeover, they become valuable resources instead of roadblocks.

What's been holding you back up to now, can be repurposed and propel you forward. It's your choice.

To help you with this process I have created a 1 page template for you to use. Grab your copy below and reflect, repurpose and redeploy.

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