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Running a great business is like cleaning your pool

Whilst relaxing in my back yard this week, I looked over at my pool and saw the gentle ripples on the surface of the water being made by the automatic pool cleaner. As I watched, my mind began to see some similarities between cleaning my pool and building my business.

Did I stay out in the sun too long you might say? How is my pool like my business, my pool is designed for fun. Great point, we have definitely established some common ground on that one. Humour me, let’s take a look at the thoughts that went through my mind and see where it leads.

1. The pool started out as a bare patch of ground.

We had a family dream to have our own pool, so we put some detailed work into the planning and preparation, before breaking ground. Where would it go, what regulations does it need to meet, what insurances should we have and how were we going to finance it?

2. We now have a fibreglass shell in the ground. How are we going to fill it so it can be used to fulfill it’s original purpose?

We didn’t really want a pool, we wanted to relax and play as a family, swimming in our own back yard. That was the purpose for having a pool in the first place. We had a structure in place, built on the proper foundation, however it would not produce our desired outcome if we didn’t fill it with water.

3. Now that the water was in, we had to put proactive measures in place to ensure the water stayed clean and ready for swimming, at all times.

Constantly checking and measuring the amount and quality of water in our pool allows me to add and adjust where necessary to have a healthy balance. Having differing strategies, dependent on the season and level of use, allows us to get the most out of owning our pool.

4. Once the hard work is done in preparation, the cleaning process is automated, switching itself on and off at the time I designate.

It brings a great sense of achievement to watch the automatic cleaner, working away under the surface without much fuss. I know when we have had some real hot days that evaporation has reduced the water level just enough for the valve at the top of the cleaner to suck some air and make a horrible noise. A quick top up of what it takes to make a pool shell a pool, water, and the noise goes away and things run smoothly again. Regular testing and measuring allows me to see what little tweaks I may need to employ to keep things on track.

5. The size, shape, depth and temperature of our pool is all based on meeting the needs of all the people we put it in for, not just the owners and not just the users.

Keeping in mind everyone that needs to benefit from the pool, we are able to provide the right swimming environment, year round. The pool is designed to provide us with a component of our lifestyle, it is not our life.

I am not sure if everyone would see this metaphor as I do, so I would love you to see where each point equates to running your business. Drop me a line below with what you got out of this for you. After all, your business is your business.

Have an extraordinarily relaxing week. You deserve it!


Grant Herbert
The People Builder

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