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Self Praise is no recommendation

In a day and age of more and more self professed gurus, it is important to keep in perspective how we see ourselves as compared to others. I am a self professed “ordinary guy with an outstanding wife and kids”. Anything beyond that has come from the lips those around me. Human Behavior Expert, inspirational keynote speaker and other things my many websites and social media outlets describe me as, have all been bestowed upon me by my “raving fans”. The value of a testimonial from someone who loves how you have impacted their business or personal life, is priceless. There are two great quotes that have helped me get to this position of humility….a long journey of change I might add.

“Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought” and “Self praise is no recommendation”.

Knowing that the best marketing tools at your disposal in your business are your “raving fans”, ask yourself this question. “Who have I given exceptional service to that would warrant a “rave”?”

One of the attributes that I love in the mentors I am closest to, is the way they make other people feel significant by raving about their success or the service they received from them. This is not only genuine and from the heart, it puts them in a class of their own in the eyes of those around them. By raving about others you cannot escape the praise of other people.

Whether on social media, on your website or speaking to individuals or groups, the most successful approach, I have found, is to remain humble and allow 90 percent of your content concentrate on pushing praise up, across and down.

Have an amazing week, serving your current and future raving fans….you deserve it!


Grant Herbert

The People Builder™

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