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The 4 Pillars of Teamwork

In a world where there is so much self induced isolation caused by constantly being glued to a smartphone and other device screens, conventional team building methods are struggling to provide the results we need.

The volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity we all face in today's marketplace calls for a more aligned approach to bringing people together for a common cause bigger than themselves. Training and development needs to focus on skills and strategies that will enable individuals and teams to flourish despite of the environment, not be overwhelmed by it.

Now I realise that I am only one voice amongst a plethora of teamwork and leadership speakers and trainers around the globe, so to remain relevant I too have found the need to change my thinking and up-skill myself in 21st century solutions to the problems of today. No longer can I rely on my 30 something years of experience in leadership and training roles. That experience has taught me plenty that I can pass on however the framework I deliver it in has had to change.

So here's my view on what's really important to assess and educate our people in to ensure effective teamwork that produces results despite not having all the answers and the goal posts shifting with monotonous regularity.

When working with any new team I look for these 4 key pillars.


Individuals coming together by bringing innovative ideas implemented with a high level performance will get you to where you're going so much faster, and with way less resources.

How well do they work together? Is there an "all for one and one for all" spirit or a "that's not my job" silo mentality?


With the increased 'noise' level created by distraction and being constantly 'plugged in' through technology, the way we communicate must ensure it lessens the ambiguity and builds certainty.

How effective is the passage of information and feedback? Are there a top down bottlenecks or does everyone know what's going on when and why?


Conflict is inevitable with both internal and external stakeholders. The way teams handle these conflicts is a key indicator of how successful the organisation will be in achieving their vision.

Are your leaders continually distracted by putting out fires or do your people play well together and move through conflict quickly without too much collateral damage?


The need to change direction quickly, created by technology and shifting global trends, causes uncertainty. This is a major contributor to a lack of performance and increased stress. How your team navigate these changes will either stagnate your business or propel you forward as a market leader.

Are your people fearful of change or are they innovative and agile?

Education in these 4 crucial pillars of teamwork should, in my opinion, be the foundations of every training and coaching program if you want to build high performance teams who produce more with less. This needs to be rolled out using the latest findings in neuroscience and behaviour and delivered in a way that meets the demands of today's workplace environment.

As with everything, it starts with awareness.

How well do your people collaborate and communicate and handle conflict and change?

That's where I always start through a combination of quantitative and qualitative assessment.

Knowing the Result you want is one thing. Getting a clear picture of your current Reality is the only way you will know what your strengths are and what you need to work on.

Get in touch and we can work that out together.

Have a great deserve it!

Cheers Grant

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