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Where do you hang your hammock?

The environment we choose to live in, can easily be created, by first choosing where is the best spot to hang our hammock. For this picture to work for each of us, we must individually define what the hammock represents. For me it provides a place of solitude and relaxation, giving me the freedom to swing as the winds of opportunity take me, whilst still remaining anchored to my core values and beliefs. In this paradise of relationship, experiencing the to and fro of life with those who are most important to me, I can hear the crystal waters of clarity calmly lapping the shore, inviting me to look to new horizons, grateful for the power and beauty of creation. The ropes that connect me to the solid foundations of my life are evenly spaced to ensure my perfect balance.

The more detailed you are with your metaphor…..the more it will guide you.

So what does this picture show you, what do you hear as you read the detail of what you write? Post your thoughts below, I would love the opportunity to experience your feelings, alongside mine, as together we make a difference.

Have a fantastic week, securing your hammock. You deserve it!


Grant Herbert
The People Builder