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Why do we look for work balance?

“Work-Life Balance” is a buzz phrase going around at the moment. I was even using it and helping people achieve it. Well no more! I have found something better to aspire to.

So what is wrong with pursuing “work-life balance? I am glad you ask.

What’s wrong with it is simple. The “work” comes before “life”. It is as if we are supposed to have work and then everything else has to fit in after that. That is not living, or is it? You be the judge.

I am now pursuing a greater goal; “LIFE BALANCE”!

This way one takes into account the 4 main areas of their life; “SOCIAL” – “WORK” – “PHYSICAL” – “SPIRITUAL”.

The ideal state of life balance – “perfect balance”, if you like – occurs when all the different forces and influences in your life are contained within a satisfying and harmonious whole. Nothing is out of proportion and no one element is emphasised at the expense of the others.

When you reach this state your life suddenly seems like it has shape and direction. You get more satisfaction from what you are doing. You have more energy. You’re more capable of making sound decisions. You feel you have more time at your disposal. You feel centred and content. You feel whole! And, best of all, you find you have a healthy new perspective on pressures and responsibilities in your life.

Does this sound like something you would like to achieve? As you are nodding your head in the affirmative, why not post me a reply.


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