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Your 2016 Can Be an Anchor or an Engine

Speaking to a number of people this week, we were debating when protocol dictates that we let go of the greeting "Happy New Year". Most came up with the same conclusion as me and today is that day. Others say it's OK to keep saying it to people we haven't been in contact with so far this year. It is like holding on to our "Happy New Year" somehow means we are still in holiday mode and are procrastinating on getting going with the business of 2017. Come on people, it's time to let it go.

Another January is over. Some people have been back at work for most of the month and some are just getting started. Either way, it is time to move forward and implement our plans for 2017. So let's get started by getting a mindset that serves us around what happened in the year just past.

It's simple, your 2016 can be an anchor or an engine. The choice is yours.

Many people will focus on what they didn't achieve, their 'failures' and 'mistakes'. Meditating on these things will give them further proof that it's not time to leave the dock just yet to tackle the journey ahead. The outlook looks grey and storm clouds block the light behind them. They are stuck in 2016 and it is holding them back, like an anchor disables a ship, and it feels like the anchor is getting bigger every year.

Successful people will choose to reflect briefly on their 2016 to focus on what it taught them. These lessons are then brought with them as fuel for the forward journey. Sure we made mistakes here and there. Everybody did. It's how we look at those mistakes that makes the difference. When we see how they have changed us and made us grow, they become a powerful engine to propel us forward. Let go of the past, you cannot change it however you can capitalise on how it changed you.

What will you choose, an anchor that keeps you safe in the harbour or an engine that takes you on an adventure towards the better 2017 you promised yourself you were going to have?

You have everything within you and around you to make things happen the way you want them to be. Believe in yourself, start your engine, lift that anchor and get started today!

Cheers Grant

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